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Current magic anon: none
Current location: Who even knows anymore man
Ex-invader Tak
Oh, but yeah Tak, there is the whole human element to Earth (assuming you actually are on Earth). People keep ferrets as pets; you could be captured and end up in a pet shop and/or as someone's pet. Maybe there is a ferret pound, looking for stray ferrets. Maybe people see them as giant rodents and set up big ferret traps. I don't know, I don't know what people do in their homes and/or to various animals. I'm not a human expert. All I know is something bad will probably happen to you like this.

I’m not on Earth. I’ll probably starve to death, if anything.

Except I think the time is nearly up.

How do you type responses as a ferret?

Voice to word converter. Simple.

Heh, it's gotta be better than being a mouse! Or... What other MAs have you gotten? There's gotta be something worse than ferretude (or something). At least you're on earth now, instead of stranded in space. You are on earth, right? Where are you? Weren't you in dreamland or something? What happened to staring at invasive statues? I may have missed something. But hey, at least you're not stranded alone! And you can blink as much as you want!

I’m not on Earth, no.

Dreamland is not a real place, therefore I could not have gone there. That’s what humans like to call it when they sleep sometimes. Pointless to me.

The statues have been taken care of. Dib and I ensured that….

And yes. Lots….of blinking.

...I love you~ :D

No you don’t.

...Wow, that's a lot worse than the magic anon I got. At least it's just a ferret.

Dib, this isn’t a “just” moment.

I’m a ferret. 

A ferret. 

I don’t even know what a ferret IS.

Magic Anon! You are a ferret until the end of the month.

….the things I go through.

Tak, I've got a weird magic anon curse on me again- any idea how to get rid of these things? <3


Really? Really this is what I come back to.

WHAT is less than three?

Oh, you know how to get rid of them? Don’t come on tumblr. You’ll never have this problem again.

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ooc: just cuz youre an ask blog doesnt mean you can’t go rping with people.
Ooc: I dunno man, it just feels wrong to me. Never really worked out for me on this blog.

Ooc: BUT yanno there’s no real

…it doesn’t matter that I even left this blog is run by the audience

if you don’t send asks nothing happens sO TECHNICALLY


haha no that’s a lie it was all me but hi here I am

ooc: don’t know but its like we had a big bang with invader zim blogs!
Ooc: mmmh it makes me want to come back for real and interact a bit, but this blog is still really just an ask blog. I wouldn’t be so good at translating it from what I’m used to I don’t think.
plus I have no time ff
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